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2120 S Jefferson St
Chicago, IL, 60616
United States





Beginning in June 2012, Redmoon launched a robust five months of large-scale spectacle events with “Urban Interventions,” a series of original performances each featuring a highly engineered spectacle object: a parade in flight with Hawkman and his Entourage, a mobile choreographed fire concert with DJ Fire, and a serio-comic drama perched atop two towering hydraulic forklifts with Dis/Re-Placement.

Each of these three spectacle performances intervene into different Chicago festivals, neighborhoods, parades, and landmark locations to disrupt the everyday and create spontaneous celebration and community. 

DJ Fire: Conceived, Designed + Directed Alex Balestrieri, Jim Lasko, Frank Maugeri
Engineered Active Alloys (William Tellman, Collin Smith)
Digital Interface and Software Design Ben Farmer, Mikhail Fiksel, Harrisson Adams
Hawkman and His Entourage: Conceived, Designed, and Directed Alex Balestrieri, Jim Lasko, Frank Maugeri
Engineered Active Alloys (William Tellman, Collin Smith)
Wing Design and Construction Steven Lockwood
Gramophone Horn Design and Construction Matthew Sabin, Zach Perrault, Dustan Creech + Erik Newman

Costume Design and Construction Sue Haas
Additional Costumes Janet Eckleberger
Dis-Replacement: Conceived, Designed + Directed Jim Lasko + Frank Maugeri
Engineered Active Alloys (William Tellman + Collin Smith)
Sound Design Harrisson Adams
Text Kay Kron
Room Engineer Curt Roadie
Room Tricks Curt Roadie 



Redmoon’s 2010 Spectacle was a massive shadow show rendered as a 5-story high graphic novel on the façade of the Museum of Contemporary Art. Redmoon brought art outside the gallery walls and amazed audiences as they sat in the MCA plaza in a collision of science fiction, comic book, spectacle performance, drive-in movie, wild shadow, silhouette performers, and an all original music score.

Created Frank Maugeri + Jim Lasko
Directed Frank Maugeri
Written Tria Smith
Co-Directed Matt Rudy
Assistant Directed Jen Onopa
Composition Jeffery Allen Thomas
Storyboard + Story Consultant Chris Burnham
Lead Illustrator Donovan Foote
Illustration Project Management Tyler Burke
Lighting Design Andrew Meyers
Sound Design Charlie Malave
Character + Story Collaboration Phineas X Smith
Production Management Mike O’Neill

Stage Management Corrie Besse
Assistant Stage Managed Tyler Wisley
Illustration / Color Kira Mardikes, Chelsea Birenber, Juan Martinez + Hale Ekinci
Illustraton / Ink Cody Boyce + Lucy Engelman
Text Art Dav Yendler + Phillip Denofrio
Illustration Wendee Gole, Nicole Lipitz, Humberto Saldan + Dav Yendler
Puppet Mechanics + Colorist Sky Cubacub
Builder + Shadow Screens Sydney Rosenfeld
Performance Captains Sam Deutsch, Sarah Ely, Sarah Latin, Mike Kaspar + Dustin Valenta



 The White House invited Redmoon to perform a Halloween celebration. Over 2,500 school children were invited to trick or treat on the grounds of the President's home while delighting in Redmoon’s Halloween-themed performance moments. School children, military families, dignitaries, and the First Family enjoyed Redmoon for Hire performers and objects. 

Conceived + Directed Frank Maugeri + Vanessa Stalling 

Impact / Press:
• 2,500+ School Children 




Mesmerized over 7,000 people in two weekends with its mass ensemble cast, amazing aerial acrobatics, and the invention of “Norwegian Pop Star” Laarna Cortaan. Part rock concert, part theatrical spectacle, Last of My Species featured original music, performed against the backdrop of a towering mechanical set built by Redmoon artists and engineers.

The show combined elements of Redmoon’s Momentary Opera and the invented character of Norwegian Pop star Laarna Cortaan which Redmoon marketed as a real icon, complete with a Facebook page and Twitter account. Redmoon amazed audiences with the variety of objects built for the production including the Ladder Machine, the Drum Cart, the Weather Machine, and the Gramophone Machine.

Conceived + Directed Jim Lasko, Vanessa Stalling, Frank Maugeri + Rebecca Hunter
Design Frank Maugeri, Jim Lasko, Bill Tellman + Joey Ruigrok van der Werven
Collaboration Alex Balestrieri, Seth Bockley, Chantal Calato, Laarna Cortaan, Mikhail Fiksel, Jillian Gryzlak, Tony Hernandez, Nick Matonich, Zach Perrault, Oliver Seay, Tara Smith, Shu Shubat + Rani Waterman 
Set Design Zach Perrault
Ladder Duet Music Chantal Calato
Ladder Machine, Drum + Gramophone Vehicles Joey Ruigrok 

Costume Design Jillian Gryzlak, Janet Eckelbarger + Nick Matonich
Vegas Cart + Weather Machine Shu Shubat 
Lighting Design Chase Corman

Master Electrician + Object Light Design Mikhail Fiksel
Music + Sound Design Alex Balestrieri
Co-Lyricist + Vocal Director Charles Kim

Impact / Press:
• 7,000 Attendees
• 7 performances
• 100 Makers + Performers Countless Passersby 



Audiences explored the transformed landscape of majestic Columbus Park in an evening of spectacle poetry, massive pageantry, and interactive performance. Using 14-foot moveable walls, Columbus Park was transformed into different rooms, populated by various characters and sound pods. As the natural environment unfolded, attendees viewed a mysterious and arresting garden of the imagination. The giant free standing walls were based on 17th century European palaces. Their mobility allowed Redmoon to play with a constantly shifting environment in which audience members were invited to walk and wander about the majesty and irony of that time. Throughout the park, Redmoon created a number of different installation sites. These sites were made from the repetition of mundane objects within a single hue and engaged by a performer in a surreal manner. They were visual koan, riddles designed to provoke contemplation of both the beauty of this location and of the relationship between our everyday objects and the natural world from which they came.


Conceived + Directed Jim Lasko, Frank Maugeri + Vanessa Stalling
Art Direction Frank Maugeri
Technical Direction Andrei Onegin
Costume Design Allison Heryer

Impact / Press:
• 6 Performances
• 7,500 Audience Members
• 50 Performers
• 7 Environments



Loves Me... Loves Me Not was the third and final production in Redmoon’s 3-year exploration of Chekhov's The Seagull. Telling the story of life following a cataclysmic flood, this larger-than-life outdoor spectacle featured whimsical watercraft, original music, and dazzling performance. Two weeks before this production’s debut Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. The creators of Loves Me... Loves Me Not drastically rewrote the script in response to the disaster. This timely spectacle-on-water went on to enthrall many thousands at the Jackson Park Lagoon.

Conceived + Directed Jim Lasko, Frank Maugeri, Vanessa Stalling + Jeremy Jacobsen
Musical Direction Jeremy Jacobsen and Bitter Tears
Lighting Design Diane Fairchild
Costume Design Tatjana Radisic
Production Management William Collings 

Impact / Press:
• 75 Choir Singers
• 31 Plastic Costumes
• 4 Pregnant Women
• 1 Escape Vehicle
• 9,000 Audience Members 



Redmoon activated the north garden of the Art Institute by creating a ritual of giving, adoration and hope. Performers in the Groundbreaking Ceremony anointed the garden with flowers, scents, and ritual activity, honoring the old and celebrating the new. Mobile metal sculptures overflowing with flowers, fruits, and seeds as well as many performers roamed the Art Institute's garden, while a three tiered gong and other percussion instruments created an enchanting soundscape to the evening's celebrations. 

Conceived Jim Lasko 
Directed Frank Maugeri 



Redmoon’s Sink. Sank. Sunk… Ushered In A Tradition Of Outdoor, Civic Minded, Site-Specific Spectacles Of Massive Proportions. This Production Strove To Capture The Magnitude And Grandeur Of Redmoon’s Best Spectacle Work, While Grounding Itself In A Simple Story. Set Against The Magnificent Setting Of Ping Tom Memorial Park On The Chicago River, Sink. Sank. Sunk … Featured The Voices Of Chicago’s Windy City Gay Chorus, Whimsical Performances, And A Dreamlike Lantern And Fire Procession. The Spectacle Featured Three Parts: A Site-Specific Exploration Of Character Throughout The Park; A Narrative Collision Of Those Characters In A Central Playing Space; And A Ritualistic Conclusion At The River. This Waterside Spectacle Explored Myths And Collective Memory Of Blue Collar Workers In The Early 20th Century.

Conceived + Directed Jim Lasko, Frank Maugeri + Kristin Randall Burrello
Artistic Direction Frank Maugeri
Music Direction Kevin O'Donnell
Artistic Engineering Christopher Krause

Costume Design Tatjana Radisic + Dana Carter Lighting Design Diane Fairchild
Prop + Object Design Scott Pondrum + Dave Beaupre Boat Design Matt Binns
Production Pete Gobel 



For the grand opening of Millennium Park, Redmoon created an extraordinary illumination installation with projections, fire towers, lanterns, and over 70 performers.

Conceived Jim Lasko
Directed Frank Maugeri
Video Design Matt Marsden 



Performed as part of the three-month Nights of the Blue Rider Festival, this work in progress featured masks, puppets, and live performance to adapt Mary Shelley’s classic novel, Frankenstein. These performances of Frankenstein were staged along with Redmoon’s production of “The Evil Flower”. Another “in progress” version of Frankenstein was performed as a parade at Navy Pier. In its final form this work would later play at the Steppenwolf studio to critical acclaim.

Conceived: Jim Lasko + Bryn Magnus
Directed: Jim Lasko
Music: Michael Zerang