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2120 S Jefferson St
Chicago, IL, 60616
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Experience thrilling rotating spectacle performances celebrating the Devil’s “greatest accomplishments” – The Seven Deadly Sins - while enjoying a hosted craft beer bar. A 30’ tall Crane Tower equipped with multiple stages will be the centerpiece for this event in Redmoon’s massive warehouse home and will feature an eclectic mix of performances by aerialists, drummers, a rock-n-roll band, DJ music, video wall, unique puppets, and….a special appearance by God.



This Halloween, Redmoon’s wildly popular costume party Boneshaker returned for its fifth annual spectacular installment. For one night only, Redmoon transformed its massive Pilsen headquarters (2120 S. Jefferson Street) into an otherworldly playground for 1,000 revelers with interactive experiences, inventive machines, creative food and cocktails, and dancing to beats from DJs on three different dance floors. 

Boneshaker is coordinated and produced by the 18-member Young Engineers of Spectacle (Y.E.S.) Committee, Redmoon's young professionals' board. The event is directed by Kasey Foster, with Will Bishop and Alex Balestrieri under the conceptual direction of Redmoon Producing Artistic Director Frank Maugeri.

Redmoon’s Boneshaker Included: 
• An outdoor Fire Garden
• Redmoon’s Celestial Swing
• The UFO Carousel
• Three wild DJs alongside Redmoon’s Signature DJ Devices 
• Graceful acrobats of Aerial Dance Chicago
• The premier of Redmoon’s newest food service device The Pastry Wheel
• And much more...



This fall, Redmoon’s family event Skelebration, which debuted with great success last year, returned for its second annual installment of experiential exploration running over two weekends, October 18-19 and 25-26. Families are invited into its otherworldly playground inside its Pilsen home for a re-invention of the seasonal rituals of Halloween. Directed by Kasey Foster under conceptual direction by Redmoon Producing Artistic Director Frank Maugeri, Redmoon included an all-new array of multisensory delights:

• Redmoon’s Celestial Swing
• The UFO Carouse
• Redmoon’s “Cartoon Adventure” .
• Families picnics in The Man Made Lagoon
• The premier of Redmoon’s newest food service device The Pastry Wheel
• And much more...



Redmoon’s longest running show “The Cabinet” returned for a remount to great critical acclaim—two extensions at Redmoon Central, and a tour of four cities in Brazil. A spectacle in miniature, “The Cabinet” set the story of the murderous Dr. Caligari and his somnambulist slave Cesare in an off-kilter world of puppetry and intricate machinery. Inspired by the 1919 German Expressionist silent film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, “The Cabinet” creates a wild, abstract "cabinet of curiosities" in which five puppeteers manipulate and maneuver the characters and objects much as Caligari controls Cesare's plight.


Impact / Press:
“A show that should be seen not just in Chicago, but around the world. A true classic.” -Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times  

“‘The Cabinet’ is a dark, gorgeous inversion of Redmoon’s sprawling outdoor aesthetic…Poor Cesare’s waking nightmare is the stuff of theatrical dreams.” -Kris Vire, Time Out Chicago 

“Everything takes place at a hypnotic pace…and I’m betting you won’t be able to take your eyes off them.” -Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune  

“...stunning production…buids dread with diamond-edged precision. This is one nightmare that shouldn’t be missed.”- Kerry Reid, Chicago Reader 

Conceived / Directed Frank Maugeri
Written Mickle Maher
Directed Vanessa Stalling
Music Mark Messing
Narrated Colm O'Reilly
Puppeteers Taylor Bibat, Sam Deutsch, Matt Rudy, Dustin Valenta + Missi Davis
Understudy Sara Ely
Stage Management Corrie Besse
Assistant Stage Managed Amy Jensen
Sound Design / Technician Mikhail Fiksel
Sound Design / Composition Mark Messing
Light Design Chase Corman


Redmoon explored struggle, sorrow, and salvation in “Boneyard Prayer.” The production draws from such varied sources as William Kennedy’s Ironweed, Dante’s Inferno, T.S. Eliot’s The Hollow Men, tramp art, Santos sculpture, and other period literature, music, and art. “Boneyard Prayer” tells a Depression-era tale of one man’s fractured life and ultimate redemption using various forms of puppetry and shadow images, along with original, live music inspired by the songs of the age. “Boneyard Prayer” traces one man’s cycle of regret through the upheaval of his grave by five gravediggers. The burial site becomes the arena in which the gravediggers use song and performance, centered in shadow images, and puppetry, to recreate key moments from this man’s story which reveal themes of salvation, redemption, fatherhood, and amends. 

Conceived Frank Maugeri
Written Seth Bockley
Music Charles Kim
Puppets Jesse Mooney
Bullock Set Design Tracy Otwell
Lighting Design John Horan
Stage Management Sheena L. Young
Producing Director Rebecca Hunter
Producing Manager Caleb Donet
Cast Alex Balestrieri, Kasey Foster, Brandon Boler, Alice Wedoff + Meagan Jenkins 

Impact / Press:

“A haunted and haunting production” and “a masterful work of art,” -Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

“This moody, artfully crafted meditation on loss and grief and human failure and forgiveness has a rough, fragile tone that aptly reflects its fractured heart.” -Barbara Vitello, Daily Herald

“Done with great technical skill and unvarying tenderness, this is deeply affecting work.” -The Chicago Reader

“engaging and frequently heartbreaking,” -Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune 



Redmoon reinvented Edmond Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac featuring a stage only Redmoon could envision. Inspired by Baroque theater machinery traditionally hidden backstage, the stage was built using an elaborate web of machinery made entirely of rope, wood, and pulleys play explodes the original story into a non-linear narrative of memory and dreams. Colliding Redmoon puppetry, objects, and scenic design with Charles Newell's often provocative take on theatrical classics produces a Cyrano living up to the ambitious spectacle set forth in the original text.


Conceived + Directed Jim Lasko + Charles Newell
Adapted Mickle Maher
Dramaturgy Sarah Gubbins
Court Tech Direction Ray Vlcek + Lydia Milman
Jim Lasko's Assistant Director Irene Hodes
Scenic Design Stephanie Nelson
Puppet Design Shoshanna Utchenik
Costume Design Tatjanan Radisic

Prop + Object Design Scott Pondrom
Lighting Design John Culbert
Composition + Sound Design Andre Pluess + Ben Sussma Artistic Engineer Christopher Krause
Production Stage Management Laxmi Kumaran
Redmoon Managing Director Gillian Darlow

Court Theater Executive Director Diane Clausser 


NINA 2002

Redmoon’s first play and the first in a three part series of works based on Anton Chekhov's “The Seagull,” “Nina” transformed its location as performers and stage moved in and out of the space via bicycle. The three part series featured themes of loss, survival, and art-making in different forms. Nina, the most visual of the series, resonated against the beauty of Humboldt Park in summer.


Conceived + Directed Jim Lasko
Assistant Directed / Dramaturgy Diane Robinson
Musical Direction Mark Messing
Technical Direction Christopher (Big) Krause
Music Mark Messing

Stage Management Fraser Coffeen
Production Management Rachel Mottaz  

Set Design Stephanie Nelson
Lighting Design Chris Wooten



Using a life-size wooden bunraku puppet to represent the “Old Man,” Redmoon presented a one hour adaptation of Hemingway’s classic, The Old Man and the Sea. In this adaptation, Santiago wages his struggle with the marlin from a boat suspended by block and tackle from a massive arced truss. Critically acclaimed, this production was made in association with Chicago Shakespeare Theater. 

Conceived Frank Maugeri
Written + Directed Frank Maugeri + Jessica Thebus Music Kevin O'Donnell
Puppet Design Jesse Mooney Bullock + Lisa Barcy Set + Object Design Stephanie NelsonLighting Design Emil Boulos
Performed Chris Cinereski, Jesse Devine, Ryan Gardener, Gregory Hardigan, Blake Montgomery + Dale RiveraLive Musicians Shu Shubat, Kevin O’Donnell + Colin Burns 


MOBY DICK 1995 + 1996

The culminating production in Redmoon’s epic 5 year exploration of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick combined the creative talents of Redmoon and Pegasus Players to bring this famous story to life. This critically-acclaimed breakthrough success featured puppets from tiny to gigantic and of many types, including Indonesian shadow puppets, Japanese Bunraku puppets, 19th-century-style European flat puppets, hand puppets, and, most grandly, a puppet on stilts designed particularly for this production. These puppets were manipulated by performers wearing masks designed in a neo-primitive style.